Monday, August 20, 2018

GBWhatsApp latest version| v6.40.1 download free 2018

GBWhatsApp latest version

GBWhatsApp latest version,  We are well known about WhatsApp APK and now it's available with most amazing features. Recently, there are few updates in WhatsApp, like images, video status schedule for WhatsApp messages. But still there are some more features, that we can not get with WhatsApp. Now replaced by GBWhatsApp APK
Latest Updated Features

Version v6.40.1
  1. New Base Updated to 2.18.122
  2. Exclusively Improved Option for specific Except Contacts/ Groups in Auto_Reply.
  3. Improved No Need to Restart. When use privacy except for hide Last Seen.
  4. Enable voice recordings.
  5. Enable Group settings send messages (once enable only admin can send message in group)
  6. Added Stock FEB (Mod 2.7.9)
  7. Added option to hide new chat icon from header(Mod 2.1.11)
  8. Added option for enable revoked Message notification (Mod 6.20)
  9. Added option to Auto Reply when hide read.
  10. Added option to enable video icon in conversation Header (Mod 1.1.16)
  11. Added custom Media Auto Download in custom chats.
  12. Now you can search theme by theme name server.
  13. Updated Italian/ Brazilian languages.
  14. Fixed contacts name color when add participants.
  15. Fixed Bubble Color.
  16. Fixed privacy, for blue Microphone much more.

GBWhatsApp latest version

Gbwhatsapp latest Version Deatils:

Name:- Gbwhatsapp latest Version Apk

Version:- 6.40.1

Size:- 35 MB

Updated on:- 07-06-2018

Required Android:- 4.0+

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Advanced Download Manager APK File Download For Android Phone

ADM App is Powerful Downloader for Android:

Accelerated downloading by using multithreading.Interception of links frombrowsers and clipboard.Downloading up to three files simultaneously.Downloader for documents,images, archives and video programs.Smart algorithm for increased your downlloading speed. Boost downloader for 2G, 3G, 4G hotspot,WiFi networks.Support multi-files larger than 2 Gb.Movie downloader,Video downloader and music downloader.Resuming of interrupted downloads Changing the maximum speed in real-time.Download files in background and resume after failure.

ADM Advanced Settings:-

Save different file in different folders.friendly Interface customization and cool themes.Select the folder for downloaded files.Use turbo mode for speed up downloading.Create an empty file to accelerate downloading.Auto-stop process, if the battery charge level is low.Automatic operation schedule.Import links of list from a text file on memory card.Auto-resume option after errors and break of connection.Planning start of downloading at right time.Backup list of downloads and settings.Profiles for every type of connection.

Extended ADM Notifications:-

Notification by sound and vibration.Transparent progress bar on top of all windowsShow icon with progress and speed in notification panel.

Built-in ADM Browser:-

List of history and bookmarks.Advanced multimedia downloader.Clear history and bookmarks.Download mp3 songsand videos from popular website.
Easy sending file to downloader.Easy downloader for all types of files.Interception of mp4 video from websites.Download accelerator for social networking site.Support of multiple tabs.

Simple control to downloads:-

Press on the completed download to open the file.Press on the download to start/stop the process.

APP NAME:-    Advanced Download Manager

App Size:-     3.5 MB

Last Updated:-    03/04/2018

Android Version:- 4.0 and above

Downloads:-      56,000+

Root Require:-      No

Thursday, July 26, 2018

AVG Free Edition latest Version 2018 Full Setup 248.01 Mb

Image result for AVG Antivirus Free Edition 18.5

DESCRIPTION: AVG Free Edition brings free protection with low system resource requirements to it's users and periodic releases of virus database updates for keeping high level detection rates constant. AVG Mobilation app, presents the advantage of not starting that annoying automatic scan you are accustomedwith automatically.

Image result for AVG Antivirus Free Edition 18.5

 Instead it directs you to a main menu where you can set your preferences and options to manually scan your device . Another noteworthy aspect about this app is that it will not add a permanent icon in your tray AVG antivirus for Android is Lookout Security Antivirus the latter being the very first mobile security suite released on the market.However its main setback is that it consumes a substantial amount of your Smartphone.

SOFTWARE NAME- AVG Antivirus Free Edition

Full Setup Size:- 248.91 MB

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Free Download Instagram Plus 10.22.0 latest version modded instagram Apk File


Helllo friends, As we known most popular apps like that Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t allow users to download the images & videos content shared. 
So in this case, Instagram-Plus Apk becomes more than handy. Instagram-Plus is a modded version of an official Instagram app, that comes with added some extra features. You can use Instagram-Plus Apk to download any image or videos from Instagram directly on your Android smartphones or tablets. Its also one of the safest mod available for android that is dedicated to being 100% safe and sure.

We must admit that the increasing numbers of (Social networking sites are continuously driving users) to join and contribute to the platforms. We all now have a smartphone and computer and we prefer to spend time on social networking web-sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. If we talk about Instagram, the photo and video sharing social networking web-site are climbing the ladder of success day by day. So if you want download this App check now below downlaod link.

Instagram-Plus, is one of the best app available for the Android operating system, that helps users to unlock some hidden features of official Instagram. Apart from just downloading images, videos and stories, shared on Instagram, the mod does lots of other things which we are going to mention below.

Media Files

The latest version of Instagram-Plus Apk comes with an extraordinary feature, which shows who is following you. The feature is known as follow indicator which shows users who are following his/her profile page.

Download For Android Instagram-Plus Latest Version 2018


Developer:-    David

App Size:-     23.75 MB

Version:-      10.20.0

Last Updated:-    September 26, 2017

Android Version:- 4.0 and above

Downloads:-      56,000+

Root Require:-      No

Full Setup Size:-23.75 MB

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Apk Editor Pro latest Version 1.9.25 Free Download 7.51 MB

APK Editor is A powerful Application for mobile App editing that can edit APK files to do lots things for fun. It can help to edit and replace some file like that background Image, App Icon, etc. layout re-architecting and even ad eliminating, permission removing, etc. What it can do depends on how you use it. Make some changes as you want, and then click the save button in the upper right side.

APP NAME-  Apk Editor Pro
APP LANGUAGE- Multi- Language
APP LICENSE- (Safe & Secure)

Full Setup Size:-7.51 MB

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Download Bluestacks-V4.0.1 beta.exe (368.97 MB)

Image result for BlueStacks Hd AppPlayer Pro

DESCRIPTION:-BlueStacks has made the first beta version of its Android app player for Windows.The central component is LayerCake that translates the written for the arm architecture apps for x86.In the new version LayerCake also includes hardware   acceleration which was not yet available in Alpha last year.The latter feature allows Android apps to access the graphicssystem of the pc so Android ndk games like Attack hd to run clean.This is almost like hardware acceleration in the browser said BlueStacks ceo Rosen Sharma.In addition the buildings used for control on a smartphone sensors will be replaced by a familiar mouse control or a trackpad.The Alpha had been last year for three months available.During this time BlueStacks registered over one million downloads. 

Image result for BlueStacks Hd AppPlayer Pro

SOFTWARE NAME:-  Blue Stacks
SOFTWARE LICENSE:- Freeware(Safe & Secure)
REQUIRE OPERATING SYSTEM:- Window (XP/7/8.1/10/10.1 etc.)

Full Setup Size: 368.97 MB

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Download Vlc Media Player-3.0.2-Win32.exe (37.15 MB)

DESCRIPTION:-Media player developers attempt to convince us to use their codec to encode our home video this means that we often have to have more than one media player installed to play every video audio and other media on our computer.Factor in old videos that were encoded using codecs that have been long discontinued then it becomes a real pain to just play back your collection of movies. audio and video formats without having to experiment with different media players.There is its called VLC Media Player.This isnt a recent applicationalthough its been ages in development.This is a cross-platform versatile media player that does one thing well.changes most found on the Mac platform with support for Bluray playback being overshadowed by a radical overhaul of the user interface.This major step forward has divided theVLC community since it first emerged withsome decrying the loss of versions minimalist approach to video playback.

Image result for Vlc Media Player

SOFTWARE NAME:- Vlc Media Player



SOFTWARE LICENSE:- Freeware(Safe & Secure)


REQUIRE OPERATING SYSTEM:- Window (XP/7/8.1/10/10.1 etc.)

Full Setup Size: 37.15 MB

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Download Firefox Setup V.59.0.3 x64bits.exe(37.54 MB)

Image result for Firefox

DESCRIPTION:-Mozilla has switched Firefox to a rapid release development cycle which meansNew versions will come more frequently.The non-profit organization has promised to push out a New stable build every six weeksThe latest Mozilla Firefox Nightly is now available for testing on Windows Mac Linux and Android.This beta includes performance enhancements that improve the browsing experience for users and enable Developers to create faster Web appsand websites.Firefox Quantum is roughly 2X faster than Firefox 49 on the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark thanks to its new Css engine its just right multi-process architecture the way it prioritizes your active tab, and much more.Firefox Quantum also includes a visual refresh Photon that looks and feels right at home with modern operating systems.To learn more about FirefoxQuantum visit the Mozilla Blog.Since then Mozilla Firefox has consistently featured in the top 3 most popular browsers globally.

Image result for Firefox

SOFTWARE NAME:- Mozilla Firefox

SOFTWARE LICENSE:- Freeware(Safe & Secure)
REQUIRE OPERATING SYSTEM:- Window (XP/7/8.1/10/10.1 etc.)

Full Setup Size: 37.54 MB

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